So You Think You Can Belt Competition Videos

Week 1: 16 Bar Cut

The first week was the audition, and it quickly went from a 32 bar cut to 16 bars! On impulse, I changed my song directly before I went up and slammed out this 16 from what was originally planned. 

Week 2: Top Hit from Birth Year

1989 was my birth year, and a top-chart hit was Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time".

I took an artistic liberty by turning it to an acting ballad, and with no rehearsal with the accompanist (each week), it left us on our toes to find an ending. Fortunately, Natalie Weiss gave kudos for my improvisation. 

Week 3: Vegas Headliner

Week 2's challenge was any artist who's played as a Vegas headliner. 

I went old school with Frank Sinatra's

"Live Until I Die".


Enjoy this jazzy, sassy piece! I had so much fun with it! 

Week 4: Disney!

When you think of female Disney, most may lean toward the princesses.. But all I thought of were the VILLAINS! 

Here with my female rendition of Scar's Be Prepared from The Lion King. Hear me roar!

Week 5: The Great American Songbook

Quite a wide range to choose from the entire book! But I went with a standard, Stormy Weather. Such a beautiful song. Written by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler

Week 6 (or so?): Country

For the country challenge, I looked toward one of my favorites and rocked out "Good Girl" orginally performed by Carrie Underwood. 

The higher the hair the higher you belt!

..wait, is that not the saying?


Week 7: Food!

For the food challenge, I got creative with a little throwback from Oliver! the musical, while incorporating audience-friendly props. 

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