Film Clips 



Travail Trilogy

Filmed in 2011, Tiffany plays the role of Emily.

As she packs to move out of the apartment, Emily's roommates come to say goodbye. 

Director Raymond Deane & Knew Mind Productions. Producer Phillip Hammond.
Travail is a very controversial thriller based off of conspiracy theories of the illuminati. 


Boronia Backpackers


While living and working in Australia, Tiffany shows how to be a bad representation of Americans in this featured shot. Thank you Tim Burns for your wonderful work! 

Filmed in Melbourne, Australia.

"Mind's Island" Music video 

(Spring 2013)
Samuel J. Price, a former costar  from "Travail" has started recording with Producer Ryan Nach
(Knock It Out Records). 
Tiffany is the featured singer. Listen and watch the music video! 
Such a great time collaborating with creative artists!