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I am constantly learning.

Not necessarily traditionally, book in hand, diligent notes, cue cards ready.

I have not taken an exam in years, but I examine the world around me daily.

I do not analyze tests results, yet I am dizzy with analytical thought.

My spirit is learning. It is in this way that life is my school and people are my teachers. When I'm inspired, I have learned. When I am irritated, offended, and hurt I have learned.

When I overreact to things, I begrudgingly reconnect with my body to come back into balance. When I go too long without feeling inspired, I remind myself to stay consistent in things that ( I KNOW ) bring me joy.

I learn through mundane routine, I learn through impulsive action.

So much that I notice myself avoiding outings or events where I may be overly stimulated, because literally everything I pass is a lesson or an opportunity.

It's exhausting in here!

Quite often, I have to consciously silence my thoughts in order to obtain a glimmer of sacred stillness. We are not meant to learn 24/7. We are humans. We are not Gods. (Yet we have God within us, but that's another post for a later date)

Just as we sleep and eat to rest and nourish our bodies, our minds and hearts need recuperation all the same.

At some point we have to reflect on the lessons we've been given, and offer our findings back to the world without judgement or expectation. Someone may need the lesson in the same way we once did, and in the cyclical trend of what life is, it is part of our destiny to give back.

Coming back to the idea that there is no 'right' way to obtain knowledge and grow. Just because your growth looks different from someone else in the way skin color highlights us differently, your experience does not make you any less enlightened.

Growth is personal, growth is unifying, growth is an experience shared by all humankind.

Yet.. we find difficulty when we are asked to be vulnerable.

What is growth if not the vulnerable act of showing yourself in bright light and saying, "I don't know but I'd like to".

That act of exposing can be so difficult.

Shrugging off the need to be right, and the best, the most, the top.

(Not that we shouldn't strive for greatness)


Allowing yourself to just be in this world.

Presently observing = learning.

Pay attention.

Growing makes you powerful.

Learning makes you 'better'.

But we must be vulnerable in order to learn and grow.

We must admit not knowing in order to know.

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